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New Image Shelter, Inc. wants to spread its message of hope and compassion to homeless and low-income populations currently in dire need in the Greater Los Angeles county areas, and environs. We believe that a single action can make a difference in a community, and that collectively, we can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good, by reaching out to those in need and addressing their housing and supportive service needs, as well as their health and well being.



New Image Shelter, Inc. is driven by a single goal: to do our part in making the world a better place, by outreaching to homeless encampments i.e.: tents, cardboard, pile wood, abandoned buildings, cars, under bridges, bypasses, and other places not meant for human habitation, as well as motels that are housing the homeless, and other temporary housing sites, and providing them with the necessary items that individuals and families with children need, to stay in the safest compliance with governmental requirements relevant to the ‘Safer at Home’, order. Thus, the New Image Outreach Team has increased its distribution of: food, some perishables, payment and delivery of medicine/pharmaceutical items, toiletries, diapers, body and baby wipes, water, basic cleaning supplies, masks, and hand sanitizers. All items of which the New Image Outreach Team has been distributing to those in inhumane structures and/or areas, in an effort to sustain their survival and living conditions, while their housing is still unavailable.


As you can imagine with this pandemic (and the subsequent quarantine orders), individuals and families with children experiencing homelessness and financial hardships are some of the most vulnerable, specifically those that we have placed into permanent or bridge housing, who were just getting on their feet and are now experiencing severe, and serious threats to their livelihood, and housing.


As we all may be aware, government funds are running low due to the expenses of treating those affected; researching and prevention tools; providing financial stability to the ‘masses’, and preparing for Post-COVID-19 transition. Subsequently, we are calling on our community to help whenever and wherever they can, to assist us financially and/or with product, to provide food and other staples; shelter; and placement assistance to those with literally nowhere else to turn. With your help, we can make a real difference while saving lives!




Bringing Change


New Image also provides a ‘food basket program’ for families with children and is focused on those who are low-income. This program provides a food basket that has been prepared with canned goods, vegetables, boxed and bagged pastas, rice canned meats, and sauces, and also includes a supermarket gift card. The gift card enables the family to purchase their staples, i.e. perishables such as bread, milk, eggs, etc. The Food Baskets are available once weekly. Your financial donation is needed especially now, to address the nutritional needs of the increased numbers of families we are now serving.


At New Image Shelter, we are dedicated to providing Case Management and supportive services to homeless and low income Families with Children, Individuals, and Fathers with Children throughout the Los Angeles area. 

At New Image Shelter, we are dedicated to providing Case Management and supportive services to homeless and low-income families with children, individuals, and an increasing population, fathers with children, throughout the Los Angeles area.


Housing and Case Management Services Provided:

· Housing in a safe, clean and stable environment

· Three meals and two snacks daily

· 24-hour supervision and care

· Basic medical and healthcare services

· Food Baskets with Supermarket Gift Cards

· Wellness Screenings

· Linkages to appropriate Dental and Medical Care

· Substance abuse services and access to treatment

· Intensive case management

· Housing search and placement

· Supportive and referral services

· Connections to eligible mainstream entitlement programs, i.e.: GR, AFDC, Veterans Services, etc.

· Access to Home Health Aid services

· Limited Transportation

· Toiletries

· Access to the following program offerings:

o Health Education

o Financial Literacy

o Job Employability Training

o Referrals to Vocational Education Programs

o Substance Abuse


With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need to connect with the appropriate service(s) that will address their unmet needs. Our competent case management team provides the necessary linkages to their needed services, services that.... With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities, and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential by securing a job, and/or home, with independence and stability, once again, returning to society as good contributing human beings.



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